I have a habit of venting to God during some of my prayers with Him, and looking back on some of these angriest prayer-rants, I’ve realized that God’s the main reason I don’t lose my temper even during the most stressful situations I’ve found myself in.

The people around me always appreciate how I’m seemingly always friendly and at ease. It’s true, it’s my nature to be chill and calm, and I don’t really get furious unless it’s something that’s been built up over time. I don’t like feeling angry, it feels like a spiritual poison to me. But when I do start having increasingly angry thoughts, I dump them on God before I allow myself to unleash my anger on somebody else.

God really is the best venting partner I could ever ask for. He lets me snarl to Him about how fed up I can be with people in general, but will not hesitate to quiet me if He knows that I’m going overboard with what I’m saying to Him. There have been several times when I’ve angrily told God my scathing opinions of people I can’t stand, and heard Him say back “Calm down, child!” While He lets me say whatever’s on my heart, God doesn’t hesitate to give me a loving but firm hand against my irritation.

Another reason I go to God to rant is because I know that He’s more than capable of handling whatever I have to say, no matter how alarmingly vitriolic it might be. It’s because I trust God 100% that I know I can rely on Him to hear me out completely.

My vexations can tax me greatly, but because God’s always willing and ready to listen to me complain, those petty irritations have never developed into a full-blown loss of temper. He’s easily the main reason why I’ve survived working in customer service for so long.