Over the past few years, I’ve occasionally had a few dreams where somebody recently deceased appears, creating a vivid dream that becomes hard to forget. I know that before I go and label every instance like this as a true “visitation” experience, I have to evaluate the entire dream to ensure that it wasn’t simply a normal dream.

I took a quick look at the sources the Web provides on this topic, and found this site, which offers a few guidelines on determining the validity of a visitation dream. Essentially, if the dream feels far too real, the person is full of love due to being forever connected to God, and you will feel at peace when you wake up. These guidelines helped me realize that among the vast number of dreams that I’ve had, only 1% of them could’ve been true visitations.

The oddest instance of this happening was…Cory Monteith.

Yes, reader, you read that right.

Cory Monteith

Where do I even begin? First and foremost, I’ve never been a real fan of Glee, so I know for a fact that I wasn’t at all attached to him. It’s certainly possible that, like many others, I may have had a celebrity crush on him, but if I did, my feelings were nowhere deep enough that they could’ve been the reason for this. What really unsettles me about this was I had this dream only a few days after he had passed away.

What happened was all of a sudden, I found Cory and I talking in my neighborhood, where it was a beautiful day outside. He seemed to be completely at peace, without any trace of grief or regret visible. I remember him saying something vaguely like this to me:

“It’s almost time.”

After that, we got on his motorbike, and next thing I knew, he drove us round and round my neighborhood at a breakneck speed. It was obvious to me that he felt free as the wind.

A Catholic interpretation of this would be that Cory was about to depart from Purgatory into Heaven, which would explain why he was so at peace. But that still wouldn’t explain why I, of all people, would be visited by him. Of course, the real question on hand is if that was a true visit to begin with.

With the aforementioned guidelines in mind, I believe it was a visit from Cory himself, but again, I can’t fathom why I was apparently selected to see him. That’s still a mystery to me.

High School Classmate

Another major instance of a visitation dream I remember was more indirect, and revolved around a recently deceased member of my high school’s graduating class who suddenly passed away in September 2016. Though I was never truly friends with this guy, he was my neighbor for as long as I could remember, and as such, his death felt like an awful double-whammy. In a potentially illogical form of survivor’s guilt, I felt guilty over his passing because I was unable to attend any services for him, and for not talking to him more as a neighbor.

After his passing, I had a few dreams of him, but only one of these pass the mark as a likely visitation.

Back in January, just after New Year’s, I had a dream that I entered a strange version of my high school, where I talked with one of the student’s best friends. I asked the best friend if he was ok after the loss we all felt, and he assured me that not only was he ok, but our classmate was alive.

I was alarmed, and when the best friend pointed away, I turned and found the deceased student sitting on a short wall with a blonde girl, grinning joyfully and emitting nothing but happiness.

I’m certain that I was given a visitation dream about my classmate to ease my guilt, and to assure me that he’s completely at peace.


There have also been several times when I had visitations in my dreams from my dog Max, who passed away in April 2014. These dreams reassured me each time that my beloved puppy is no longer in pain, and every time I woke up, I was filled with peace over his passing.

My Grandpa’s Visit with Mom

The clearest visitation I remember happened to my Mom, who was given a surefire visit from her recently deceased father-in-law in a dream that she can still recount more than 15 years later.

In her dream, while she had other family members visiting her at our house, she saw a blue spirit-form walking towards her from down the street, and she announced to everybody else that that there was a spirit with them. Shortly afterwards, the scene changed to her kitchen, where she sat down at the table with my grandpa and had a deep talk with him about wishing that he could see her children, his grandchildren.

Because of my Mom’s ability to vividly recall the entire dream, and the realness of the kitchen talk scene, I believe that this dream most of all was a true visitation.

I appreciate these visitations for the ease they provide our hearts with the knowledge that the visitor is at eternal rest, no longer in pain and free of sadness. This deep reassurance is undoubtedly vital, and necessary for us to move forward in the healing process. I thank God for helping these brief but beautiful visits occur.