I recently had an issue with a “bump in the night” that left me on edge and paranoid, until God sent an unexpected visitor into my dreams to put me at ease. 💙

The other night, it was around 11 p.m. in my apartment when our door knob loudly rattled by itself. There were no footsteps to be heard anywhere, which ruled out the possibility of it being a drunken neighbor mistaking our door for theirs. For all intents and purposes, my apartment felt haunted and unsafe before I went to sleep.

It wasn’t easy falling asleep that night, because I was worried that when I did, my dreams would be tainted by something evil, or I would wake up in the middle of the night to see yet another ghastly figure in my room. Thankfully, my beloved grandpa showed up to give me a reprieve from this stress.

My grandpa passed away in November 2018, and his death devastated all of us. Many months later, my family is still recuperating and learning how to deal with his loss. We miss him dearly, and we all I’ve been desperate to know that his soul is at peace. I think I was given a personable answer to that worry in my dreams this past night, when he visited me in a calming dream.

In this dream, he pulled me and my little sister aside, pulling out a bag filled with various different chocolates, and played a game with us. He told us to not look at the wrapper, and to see if we could guess what kind of chocolate it was simply by tasting it. It was a good-natured time, and I distinctly remember tasting what must have been either a Snickers, or a nougat type chocolate.

At the end of this dream, as he walked away, I ran up to him and lamented that I missed him, remembering in that moment that he was dead. I’m absolutely certain I heard him say back to me, “I miss you too, buddy.”

An instant later, I woke up to a peaceful apartment, every last trace of my paranoia gone. My apartment felt genuinely safer than it had before I’d fallen asleep, and whatever icky presence was lurking here previously had been purged. It felt like my grandpa had come to me in the nick of time to ward off whatever had been going on that night. And I am so grateful. Just being with him and feeling his presence by my side for a moment in that dream was powerful enough to make me completely forget how afraid I’d been to sleep.

This experience is similar to one I had last year, when Sebastian, my first cat, did something similar for me. My stoic grey tabby showed up in the middle of what initially looked like a simple dream of my childhood bedroom, darkened and quiet. But Sebastian’s appearance in this dream, where he merely stood by my side, was enough to piss off something evil lurking in the shadows around us. I still remember hearing a warped man’s voice shrieking “I’M GONNA KILL THIS ^&(@ING CAT!” When I woke up a moment later, I felt Sebastian on my bed, invisible but present, facing the closet in my room where that same evil presence stood. It was a face-off that lasted for a few minutes, before it gave up and finally disappeared. Sebastian had won, and succeeded in keeping me safe.

In hindsight, God must’ve sent Sebastian from Heaven to guard me against that tangible evil presence, empowering my cat to provoke my enemy out of hiding. Likewise, God must’ve assigned my grandpa to do something similar for me in this occasion, knowing that I was too anxious about the possibilities of nightmares or worse to let myself fall asleep. It’s a relief to have this sort of proof that grandpa’s at peace. And it sure was poignant for me, when I picked up on the symbolism of a cool grandpa coming to his scared grandkid’s aid in the middle of the night.

Thank you, grandpa. I love you and miss you always.