After doing intensive research on the centuries-long distortion of what the Bible originally intended in the “clobber passages” in my previous blog post, I’ve spent the weekend praying to let go of all of the anger that came with my discoveries. Like I said last time, it’s extremely hard to not be enraged after realizing that the English translations of the Bible replaced phrases that originally meant “boy molesters” and “male prostitutes” with “homosexual“. Now I understand that the writers of the original Greek version were addressing rampant sexual immorality all around them in the form of pederasty and temple prostitutes of both sexes encouraging defilement of themselves and others.

If I could sit down with the English-speaking translators who (to give the benefit of the doubt, unwittingly) made these grave errors, I would beg them to understand the gravity of their choices. If they’ve passed on, I hope and trust that they’re with God, and are now able to see the disturbing ripple effects of these mistranslated verses.

Hate from the Pulpit

When the Pulse Club shooting happened five years ago, most of the world reacted with shock and grief. But instead, there were pastors around America who openly wished that more people had been murdered, such as these…gentlemen.

They seem to ignore the fact that not all 50 victims were LGBTQ. One of them was a breast cancer survivor enjoying a night out with her gay son. But she was clearly a “sodomite” too, right? By association? She may’ve survived breast cancer, but thank goodness she was punished for tolerating her gay son!

Oh, and here’s a video of him hoping that former president Obama would die a violent death. Totally not hateful, though!

And here’s the icing on the cake! Watch this clip from when protestors confronted him after his organization’s “Make America Straight Again” conference they deliberately planned in Orlando on the 3rd anniversary of the Pulse Club shooting:

“I’m totally non-violent.”

“I wish that every homo would die.”

“Get AIDs and die.”

Pastor Steven Anderson, a totally non-violent pastor

And then, I found this video from what must be the local Fox News station in Orlando, revealing that the local sherriff’s office refused to send members to stand guard at this event. They made it clear that they understood the timing of the event with the Pulse Club anniversary, and openly referred to this event as being in “poor taste”.

I shouldn’t have read the comments section, I can’t believe that there are everyday people supporting this nonsense, even knowing that these leaders beg for us to be executed.

Wait, what’s this, it was hosted at the “Revival Baptist Church” in Orlando? What a delightful moment for a Eurythmics reference!

Darlings, when Annie Lennox sang “What you need is Revival!”, I highly doubt she meant like this!

A “Movi(e)ng Analogy

But on a more serious note, it’s time to segue into some clips from my favorite two (and relevant) movies of all time, Disney’s The Hunchback of Notre Dame and the Silent Hill film adaptation of the legendary horror series. This is why Frollo terrifies me more than any other Disney villain; religious fanatics like him who embody the utter lack of mercy, compassion and humility that Jesus has are all too real.

And then, Silent Hill. Alice Krige did a terrifyingly great job of portraying the leader of a religious cult who thinks that only they’ve been saved.

In this movie, she’s Alessa Gillespie’s (the abused psychic girl from the game series) aunt. This doesn’t stop her from tricking her mother into letting the cult burn Alessa alive, all for the…”sin” of being born out of wedlock.

When Rose learns the truth of this town, she goes to confront Christabella and the cultists. Rose delivers some excellent quotes as she decries them, and calls them all out for thinking they have the right to decide who should die.

“You are alone in this limbo, and God is not here.”

Rose DaSilva, Silent Hill

Rose, hinted to be a woman of faith, whispers to Christabella a chilling quote that the true God of love is not present in her congregation. It’s clear to Rose and the audience that these child-killing wretches created their own “god” to justify their cruelty.

Behold, one of my favorite movie quotes of all time.

And one more movie quote to share, back to Hunchback. For his entire life, Frollo lied to Quasimodo and the rest of Paris, asserting that only people like him were “righteous” and “good”. After seeing the fruits of his foster-father’s ways, Quasimodo lays down this epic mini-speech:

Frollo: “N-now, now, listen to me, Quasimodo-“

Quasimodo: “No you listen! All my life, you’ve told me the world is a dark, cruel place. But now I see that the only thing dark and cruel about it is people like you!”

Frollo and Quasimodo, The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Religious Hypocrites

These pastors, these Evangelicals who claim to speak for God while using their platforms to corrupt the ears of congregants with hate are living Frollos. They’re responsible for giving justification to the evil in the hearts of those who attack and murder LGBTQ folk around the world. I’m disgusted that they have the audacity to call themselves “righteous” when they’re some of the most obvious wolves in sheeps’ clothing this world will ever see.

Oh, here’s a shockingly snarky quote that came to me last night as I mulled over the possibility of these pastors getting offended over people calling them out:

“Look Cinderella, if the shoe fits, that’s not my problem!”

-My angry mind last night

To be honest, that’s one of the lighter things that went through my mind last night while trying to process everything. I refuse to wish violence or death on them, they don’t deserve that. But I’m filled with contempt at knowing that they think we deserve to die for just trying to live.

I have pity for the translators who most likely thought they were simply, innocently doing their job when they tried to translate those foreign phrases. At the same time, it goes without saying that the mistake they made is responsible for LGBTQ Christians like me constantly questioning the validity of our faith and bond with God. It doesn’t help that other Christians actively assert that we aren’t true Christians if we decide to not be celibate.

We’re sick and tired of at best, being seen as “missions” by other Christians, and at worst, being seen as worthy of death by people supposed to embody God’s love and compassion. Both sentiments believe that we’re unsaved, invalidating the truth that many of us love God. All of this, based on our outward appearances.

“For the LORD sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the LORD looks on the heart.”

1 Samuel 16:7

I still remember that the first time I saw Jesus was in a dream, where he appeared before me as the pity-filled King of Heaven. I’d been worried that merely being aware of my own desires for a partner inherently made me filthy in His eyes because of what others have said, and He showed me otherwise.

But there are so many other kids like me out there who have lost their lives, by suicide and violence, because of the lack of compassion present in so many Christian circles regarding us. That is inexcusable. There has only over been bad fruit resulting from the obsessive dogma we’ve seen and heard, that dehumanizes us and declares us worthy of death. They inspire horrors like this incident in London from 2019.

You know what makes me cackle, though? The fact that the same crowd of Christians (primarily Evangelicals) who love to falsely accuse us of being “SIN INCARNATE!!!” (insert Alice Krige voice here) are typically the ones caught partaking in sexual sins.

What a load of hypocrisy. This is the same pastor who begged God to “finish the job” after the shooting, aka begged God to murder more of us. So unfortunately, it’s nigh impossible to have sympathy for his…”plight”.

And I would be remiss to avoid mentioning Josh Duggar, the would’ve been poster boy for good ol’ “family values” who’s committed pretty much all of the sexual sins these hypocrites accuse us of.

What makes this so ironic is that Michelle Duggar, his mother, is known for slandering trans women as “sexual predators” through a robocall in Fayetteville. Her son turned out to be the real threat to children.

I’ve tried and failed to find responses to Josh Duggar’s recent crime from the Evangelical crowd, especially the pastors who cackled over the lives destroyed at Pulse. The hypocrisy feels like gaslighting. It’s so invalidating, watching and waiting in vain for them to speak up while we continue to be demonized.

These are the modern Pharisees that we have to put up with because of those mistranslated verses, and it’s exhausting.