Dearest Frederick,

While I will be forever grateful for the happy memories you have given me across these long years, I must bid you farewell and put an end to our former plans.

It is truly a shame that our engagement has to end so suddenly, but alack, this was the only feasible next move. To my eternal regret, I am quite afraid to tell you that our longstanding relationship will no longer have hope of surviving after the recent tumultuous events.

I must say, I winced deeply for your sake after seeing your mother so viciously strike you across your face after hearing the unfortunate news. For all my irritability with you, I cannot help but grimace at the humiliation you are experiencing at the hands of your family. While it cannot be denied that you are indeed a deeply flawed man, I take no pleasure in watching your sisters taunt you, day and night, for your romantic ineptitude.

Rest assured that I bear you no malice, no matter how tempting the emotion might be at present. After all, choosing to hold a grudge will certainly not reverse what has happened. I shall put my best foot forward, and I sincerely hope you manage to do the same.

Yours sincerely,


P.S. Oh, and next time dear boy, perhaps you should think twice before choosing a place as blatantly conspicuous as the chapel to snog that girl, Elizabeth. Surely you both knew the danger of performing such lewd acts together within viewing range of Sister Martha’s keen eyes.