I seemingly broke the physical boundaries of a dream I had yesterday after the lucid breakthrough I experienced.

Through the Wall

In the dream, I was unwittingly locked inside my dream college’s main building, a massive blue-stone tower with the passageways barred by massive iron gates. I needed to find a way out, or I’d be trapped there easily until the weekend had passed.

I flew up to the gate barring my path, brazenly declared that I’d use my “power” to move through it, and extended my left hand. I focused my will, and passed through the gate like it was water.

Immediately afterwards, the dream distorted around me, everything sluggishly blurring around me like I had taken a trippy drug. My breathing echoed ominously around me. I’m not sure what could’ve happened next, because I woke up right afterwards.

A Trance?

It felt like I had entered a bizarre form of in-dream meditation. Chances are, the dream distorting like that was caused by me asserting my ability to do something impossible in waking reality. It looked like whatever power I exerted bent the fabric of the dream around me, and it looked like I could’ve been able to do something even more extravagant if I hadn’t woken up.

There were a few times in the past where I could completely change a dream by “wiping the slate clean”, as I called it back then. In my dreams, I’d take a deep breath and make a motion with my arms used in The Mists of Avalon.

The motion would turn everything around me into pitch-darkness, allowing me to literally rewrite the dream according to my desires.

I wonder now after remembering this old technique of mine if that distorted moment signified that I was able to instantly change the dream without any need for extra movements. Time, and future dream experiments, will reveal if I’ve somehow achieved a new level of lucidity.