My dreams have steadily become more lucid over the years, with many of them feeling like symbolic visions portrayed abstractly. Last night, I had a bizarre dream involving a religious campus obsessed with finding a steel trident with supposed supernatural/magical abilities.

(Before I get into the plot of this dream, I want to explain an even more ludicrous element to what I saw. I think the campus had an overall obsession with tridents as a whole, because at one point, an “average” wooden trident was presented to compare to the titular steel trident. So far, this small detail hasn’t lessened the weirdness to me of having a religious group being obsessed with this random choice of item. I’m hoping that analysis of the symbolism will yield something.)

The Dream

In the dream, I was a student at a small, extremely religious college that felt Catholic-themed. The buildings were large, grand, old but wondrous. While I walked around it in my dream, I observed a large church by itself, parallel to another church connected to one of the campus’ main buildings. Outside of the separate church, one of the female religious leaders of the campus presented the recently found steel-trident to a group of students including myself, and an evil-looking fellow.

This other guy wanted the trident for evil purposes, so in an effort to stop him, I took the trident to be inspected by the other religious leader in the main building’s church. I wasn’t aware of anybody following me as I went into the building, not even the antagonist.

As I neared the sanctuary, in my hands, I clutched the trident, which for some odd reason transformed itself into a plain wooden trident. I entered the sanctuary and saw that the room, which was built like a small, compacted auditorium with the pews arranged in a theater-like manner, was filled with many students. Standing at the front of the sanctuary was the other religious woman, to whom I presented the now wooden trident. She brought forth another wooden trident to compare, and I felt dread rise up in me when I realized that things weren’t going to end the way I thought they would’ve.

Just before she announced to us all her opinion on the status of the trident I’d presented to her, I quietly prayed to God that I’d submit to His will, no matter what happened next.

Sure enough, she regretfully stated that she didn’t believe it was the real thing whatsoever, and as a result, the vast majority of the students jeered at me and snapped at me. In response, I seized both tridents and spitefully (and admittedly, a bit forcefully) snapped them into pieces, throwing them into a nearby trash bin despite the angry remarks from the other students.

(An explanation is needed here: I snapped up the steel trident because I somehow knew that it would regenerate itself soon afterwards; I was merely buying time to prevent that evil guy from obtaining it.)

I stormed out, and was stopped in the main entrance by a few kind young men who assured me that they believed everything I had to say, potentially the evil guy trying to use the trident for his own ambitions. I was on the verge of tears from the sheer frustration of being ridiculed despite the odds, but their words and comfort calmed me down. Outside, I encountered either the same religious woman, the woman who’d presented the trident to us, or somebody of similar status who took me aside and desperately apologized for what had happened. I assured her that I didn’t blame her, and that’s where the dream ended.

What’s the Deal with Tridents?

From a Christian interpretation, the obvious first thing that comes to mind when trying to interpret the meaning of a trident in a dream is the number 3, a potential reference to the Holy Trinity. According to various online notes, such as this following page from “Dream-of”, the trident represents the following:

“To see or use a trident in your dream symbolizes the God of the Sea. Because of the relation to the sea, it relates to some emotional issue. Also consider the symbolism of water and the ocean. Alternatively, a trident is indicative of your creative energy and sensitivity.”

Anything about Neptune means nothing to me. However, it makes sense that this would represent an emotional issue that I’m not dealing with properly, such as perhaps loneliness. I won’t deny that the young men who helped me calm down were beautiful, along with having hearts of gold. Something I find to be incredibly interesting is the notion that a trident represents creative energy; it sounds like a weapon for lucidity, something that could create horrific things if placed in the wrong hands.

This calls to mind what happened in Disney’s The Little Mermaid when Ursula obtains Triton’s trident:

I suspect that the steel trident in this dream was similar to the “Seal of Metatron” in the Silent Hill video game series: a supposedly-powerful item that has no power on its own, but can unleash the user’s spiritual power.

I gladly welcome any feedback on what this dream might symbolize overall.