Yesterday at the National Mall in D.C., the March for Life was held, a rally against abortion. President Trump gave a speech from the Rose Garden of the White House addressing the rally’s attendants to support their message. Supporters and attendants happily noted that he’s the apparent first president to directly address the rally directly via telecast. The National Catholic Register provided a detailed analysis  of Trump’s support for the rally. The Register provided sample quotes from Trump’s speech in their article, listed below.

“You come from many backgrounds, many places, but you all come for one beautiful cause: to build a society where life is celebrated, protected and cherished. The March for Life is a movement born out of love.”

“You love every child, born and unborn, because you believe that every life is sacred, that every child is a precious gift from God. Because of you, tens of thousands of Americans have been born and reached their full God-given potential — because of you.”

Vice President Pence also addressed the attendants and praised Trump, saying the following as quoted from the Register:

“This president stands with you, the most pro-life president in American history.”

In a separate official statement, Trump announced the plan to make January 22 “National Sanctity of Human Life Day”. As quoted from the opening paragraph of the statement, Trump asserted the following on the importance of this upcoming day:

‘This is why we observe National Sanctity of Human Life Day: to affirm the truth that all life is sacred, that every person has inherent dignity and worth, and that no class of people should ever be discarded as “non-human.”’

Trump and Pro-Life Christians

Trump has portrayed himself as a staunch advocate of pro-life values, and deliberately targeted pro-life-minded American Catholics in a bid to earn their support during the election season. In a letter to the Catholic Leadership Conference in 2016, Trump pleaded his case as the candidate that Catholics should’ve chosen, saying flattering things to his intended audience such as the following:

“Catholics in the United States of America are a rich part of our nation’s history. The United States was, and is, strengthened through Catholic men, women, priests and religious Sisters, ministering to people, marching in the Civil Rights movement, educating millions of children in Catholic schools, creating respected health care institutions, and in their founding and helping the ongoing growth of the pro-life cause.

I have a message for Catholics: I will be there for you. I will stand with you. I will fight for you.”

It’s completely understandable why any Catholic or other Christian would thus believe that Trump was, and still is, the Christian candidate that so many have desperately wanted for so long. But his actions in the present, along with continued detailed analysis of his choices in the not-too-distant-past, say otherwise.

The Sanctity of All Life

Trump’s pride-filled, arrogant remarks about threatening North Korea with nuclear warfare, which would instantly wipe out a horrific amount of civilian lives, shows blatant disregard for non-American life, contrary to his statement about the creation of “National Sanctity of Human Life Day”. That, and he was quoted as considering slaughtering the families of terrorists.

There’s already plenty of evidence to determine that Trump doesn’t genuinely value all human lives, and research into his apparent pro-life beliefs unveils the following: his beliefs may not be as genuine as people thought they were, and contrary to what many believed about the Catholics who seemingly flocked to his side en masse, many staunchly pro-life Catholics have denounced him, while continuing to do so in the present.

Pro Life Profiles, a completely pro-life site that could be called the pro-life version of the fact-checking site Snopes, brutally analyzes major pro-life political figures to determine whether or not their beliefs are genuine. The people behind Pro Life Profiles. categorizes politicians into 4 sets, with 1 being the best and 4 the worst. Donald Trump has been categorized as a “Tier 4” pro-life politician; that is to say, Pro Life Profiles has labeled Trump as a man who utterly lacks genuine, all-encompassing pro-life sentiments. This is largely in part due to the evidence they found showing that while Pence has claimed Trump to be the grandest pro-life president ever, Trump has no qualms saying that there are “exceptions” in certain abortion cases that make it acceptable in his eyes.

Of course, Pro Life Profiles isn’t the only Christian site that’s denounced Trump as not being genuinely pro-life. America Magazine, a Catholic online magazine that takes a factual, sometimes more centrist stance on various topics, has taken a firm stance against Trump and even certain pro-life Catholic leaders. When Father Frank Provane created a disturbing video of an aborted fetus on an altar in a bid to draw support for Trump’s would-be pro-life stance, America unabashedly called attention to the incident by listing the vast amounts of ire it drew from other Catholic leaders. And on the same day of the March for Life rally, one of America’s pro-life authors wrote a powerful piece on how Trump was the wrong choice for the event’s speaker when his claim that “all life is sacred” is contradicted by his disgusting alleged remarks about “sh-thole countries”, along with his apparent willingness to have countless others destroyed.

America wrote a piece summarizing the sheer turbulent nature of Trump’s first year as president, and ended it with a worried remark from Pope Francis about the looming threat of nuclear warfare that Trump could end up provoking as a pride-filled harbinger. Pope Francis was quoted saying the following about how easily the world could fall into such a horrific scenario:

“I think we are at the very limit. I am really afraid of this. One accident is enough to precipitate things.”

Perhaps most famous (or infamous) of all the Catholic rebukes of Trump is National Review‘s combined statement from numerous American Catholic officials from March 2016, begging other Catholics to avoid considering him as a wise Catholic choice for office.

“We urge our fellow Catholics and all our fellow citizens to consider, however, that there are candidates for the Republican nomination who are far more likely than Mr. Trump to address these concerns, and who do not exhibit his vulgarity, oafishness, shocking ignorance, and — we do not hesitate to use the word — demagoguery.”


The world must not let itself be tricked by what Trump says in regards to his stance on abortion. Just because he says he’s pro-life doesn’t mean that he truly values all lives. He stated in his declaration for “National Sanctity of Human Life Day” that he believes all people “have inherent dignity and worth”, but his other choices speak volumes to the contrary. Americans, especially people of faith in this country, need to avoid blindly venerating him simply because other religious leaders and officials keep pushing for us to do so; this is something that Pro Life Profiles warned about at the bottom of its analysis on Trump’s beliefs.

“Focus on the Family’s founder James Dobson, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, and National Right To Life have spent decades misleading their supporters into believing that the only way to save the nation is to convince millions of pro-lifers to only support politicians, like Trump, who are willing to kill some children. And how has that been working out for them? America is sinking into the cesspool of moral relativism.”

May God’s Truth on this serious matter continue to shine out, and, as John 8:32 says, set us free.