It’s because of this, what Trump said in his tweets this morning, that I laugh whenever anybody tries to argue that he’s a “friend” of the LGBTQ community.

Please, no more of that nonsense.

This morning, Trump took to Twitter and released a series of tweets declaring that, after discussing the matter with military experts, the U.S. Government won’t allow transgender individuals to serve in the military in any way, calling them a “disruption” and attempting to cite the medical costs of transition surgeries as the main reason for the decision.

This country has plenty of basis to believe that this man is a hypocrite, due to his past apparent support for LGBTQ individuals.

After the media seized onto his recent message, quick analysis was done on his lack of basis for calling the cost of transition surgeries in the military “massive”. A brutally blunt comparison was made between the cost of these surgeries and the amount of money that the military spends on erectile dysfunction medicines, which, according to the Washington Post’s article on this topic, was found to be $84 million. The article states that this is 10X the cost of transition surgeries in the military.

Now, I have even more justification for my absolute distrust of our President. I doubted the sincerity of his ally stance towards the LGBTQ community before he was elected, because as with any person in power, actions speak far louder than words.

And what a surprise, he just contradicted himself. Color me shocked.

As a gay person especially, I’m livid that this man states support for us at rallies and on Twitter, then has no apparent qualms choosing to enable policies that clearly discriminate against us.


Not to mention, I figured he wasn’t a true ally at all when he selected individuals for his cabinet with known anti-LGBTQ stances, such as Mike Pence and Ben Carson. His utter disregard for those stances was the one and only warning I needed to know that no matter what Trump or anybody else said otherwise, this man doesn’t actually have my best interests at heart.

I am truly sorry for any transgender member of our military who has to deal with this nonsense, on top of everything else they’ve suffered up ’til now. This is another version of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, which prevented any non-straight member of the military from being open about their sexuality.

It impresses me that, despite what this country has put them through, especially transgender women of color, that transgender individuals have such love and loyalty for their country that they’re still willing to put their lives on the line for America.

Shame on Trump for disregarding their sacrificial love.