I have a strong affinity for music that helps me get through the random bouts of loneliness that catch me off guard every now and then. For some reason, summer nights are often the time of the year when loneliness can become utterly unbearable. In times like these, alongside prayer and trust in God, listening to the right music is always a vital supplement to ridding myself of gloominess.

The best part is that generally speaking, this combo truly does purge myself of that gloominess, instead of merely masking it.

That being said, I’d like to share the songs that have gotten me through my loneliness the most.

Shinjitsu no Uta/Song of Truth

This is the song that I still refer to as my “soul song” due to how much it means to me. “Shinjitsu no Uta” translates to “Song of Truth”, and is a Japanese power ballad about focusing on the promise of a beautiful eternity no matter how much pain is in the present. This happens to be an ending theme to the anime Inuyasha, for those of you who love Japanese pop culture. This is a decent English translation of the lyrics.

I Want Love

This song, “I Want Love”, comes from an extremely unconventional source. For those of you who aren’t familiar with it, Silent Hill is a dark video game series that, while disturbing with its trademark disturbing atmosphere, has been known to also deal head-on with human grief and despair. This song, which hails from Silent Hill 3, lyrically addresses how deep loneliness can run in a human heart, with the singer woefully noting that not even an “ocean filled with love” can heal the holes in her heart. It’s a song that deals with loneliness directly, and listening to this one does, in the end, abate my own loneliness.

Memory of the Waters

“Memory of the Waters” is the piece that plays in the background after the protagonist of Silent Hill 3 defeats the final boss and mourns the loss of her father, whose death transformed her and pushed her into fighting against the evil cult within the city of Silent Hill. From the moment I first listened to this, I’ve interpreted this song as a piece that tells you gently that although loved ones may temporarily fade out of our lives, we’re bound to see them again. I needed this song after losing my family’s dog, whom I grew up with and bonded with closely.

The World Spins

This song, “The World Spins”, originates from season 2 of the original Twin Peaks series. The quiet, gentle voice of the singer Julee Cruise, softly singing about her desire for her love to never leave and about the queit settings she sees helps me sleep peacefully without the grip of loneliness causing me worry.

Yoru no Kuni/Land of Night

This song, “Yoru no Kuni”, or “Land of Night”, is a beautifully poetic song about wanting to escape loneliness by running away to an empty forest only accompanied by that special person. The arguably best English translation for the lyrics can be seen here.

Sleeping Sun

“Sleeping Sun” is a power ballad created by Nightwish, a Finnish symphonic metal band. Since my high school years, this song has become an all-time favorite of mine because of its poetic approach to human loneliness. In fact, in one stanza of the song, the singer notes solemnly that her sorrow will depart “from her God”, which still resonates with me to this day that no sorrow can overcome God’s support for us throughout rough times in our life.

If you find yourself struggling with loneliness, or are ever in need of the right song to resonate with your soul, then I sincerely hope that these songs help you accordingly.